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For promotion and Advertisement of Roleplay Comm's
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The name should say it all, this is a community for advertising and promoting roleplay based communities.

The Rules are pretty simple.
~You need to join to post, but can unjoin immediately after if you like, the post won't be deleted.
~No spamming, I'm not going to say you can't post every day, but please use some common sense. If you've posted every day for a month and nobody is joining, they're probably not going to.
~Banners are allowed, but should be placed beneath a cut to spare people's friends list.
~Link to the community's Bio page please, so that prospective players can get an idea of what the group is about. Posts linking directly to the Join page will be deleted.
~Icon posts are allowed, preferably by fandom. More than three icons should be placed under a cut. Please don't link to locked icon comm/lj's, its extremely irritating to have to join just to find out if we like the icons or not.
~You don't have to be a mod or maintainer of the community, just someone who thinks it deserves more attention.
~Non RP type communities based on pups and muses are also allowed.
For example: note_to_muse, dear_puppet, dear_muse, dear_mun
~Also, prompt/drabble comm's for pups are allowed, like splinters_say
~Please tag by fandom, it'll make it easier for users to search.
~Homeless pups looking for a community are also welcome to post asking for the type of comm they want, a brief bio may be placed under a lj cut or as a link to the pup's journal.

Promo posts should include, for example, anything along the lines of:
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity (post BDM)
Description: Its easy to keep secrets out in the black, nurse vendetta, plot revenge. This Serenity's River wasn't rescued until she was almost 19, she's more lucid, more deadly. She'd been scheduled for release as an Operative when Simon rescued her. This Serenity's crew is bent on taking down the Alliance, one way or another. Revealing the secret of Miranda isn't enough....
Rating: Adult (NC17 posts will be tagged and placed behind a cut)
Notes: There is no magic in this firefly 'verse, even River's Reading and the Reavers can be explained through science. These are maybe more-than-average people living more-than-average lives, but they're still human. Nothing wonky please.

Also, whether its a random, add yourself and jump in... or whether the players need to apply for pups (And a link to what pups are taken is helpful here). If its a prompt based and any applicable rules...

Basically include as much information as possible so that potential players can read up, get an idea of what the comm is about/like and decide for themselves if they're interested in joining.

Any notes on style of play are always helpful.

One thing important to note.
Rude posts slamming or insulting communities, temper tantrums, posts saying "Don't bother with this one" will be deleted and the user will be banned from this community. This is your warning.