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Welcome to Hidden Creek, Oregon. The town was founded in 1876 by a pack of werewolves that were just looking to establish a town where all supernaturals would feel safe. They wanted a town where the supernatural community could come and raise families and settle down without the threat of being hunted or persecuted. Here, supernaturals of all kinds have lived for generations in relative peace and harmony. They are teachers, cops, chefs, lawyers, doctors. Here they are normal.

Lately, however, this peace has been threatened. The outside world has started closing in. Hunters are taking out citizens one by one and humans are moving themselves in. Things have been happening slowly but how long can the supernatural community survive before it's all taken away?

We're very slash-friendly and welcome everyone!
Kindred Spirits
of Sangria City

Welcome to Sangria City. Where the kindred spirits of the damned linger among the living either hiding in the shadows or putting themselves out on display for all the world to see. All of those things that go bump in the night are real and just waiting for you to join their haven here in the City of Blood.

Sangria City is an alternate universe city that is a mix between Hollywood and Gotham City where Vampires, Witches, and the rest of the supernatural world live along side the mortals. The macabre pulse of Sangria City is fueled by the blood that pumps through every being, giving life to a lost world that thrives on love, lust and greed. Come play but be warned, it's not going to be pretty.

We welcome all races, ethnicity, and sexual orientations!!!
First and foremost, this is a community for role playing purposes only. Everything is fake and for creative writing purposes only.

A few things before you request to join this community. Check here for the taken playbys and request the one you want held. We will hold a playby for one week. Then, read the rules, and apply.

Currently slushees is looking for new members. We offer a fun, active game on aim, chatzy & journals (used for email rp scenes). We would really love to have an awesome and active writer come in as Santana for a "Brittana" line, a Puck for a "Quick" line, and Tina & Mike for an epic BFF line with Blaine and Sam. These characters would also have some epic friend lines too.

Like I mentioned, we do use a journal server (similar to LJ) for the RP because you can get comments left on entries or scenes sent to your email and you can email directly from your email account. For fun we do use AIM and Chatzy and do group scenes, chat rooms, etc. Its seriously a lot of fun and the other RP'ers are super super active and have been role playing in the Glee verse for close to two years so you know you won't join and then have the game die out.

The roles we are looking for are: Santana, Puck, Tina, Mercedes(for an awesome bff line with Kurt & Rachel), Artie, Mike, Ryder, Kitty(possible line with Jake), Dani, Unique, Cooper, Joe, Sugar, Adam, Brody, Chandler, Warblers & more.

If you would like more info, the link to the community is here: http://slushees.insanejournal.com/. I can also answer any questions you have and will gladly walk you through the process of joining if you are interested.

I'll delete this too so it doesn't interfere with your muse post. If you have any questions though, hit me up here. Really hope you will consider joining. We would love to have you.
WMHIGH is a Glee aim & journal based role play game where the writers take control of their favorite characters and create fun and exciting story lines. After all, a lot happens after the last bell rings at McKinley or the lights fade in New York/Los Angeles. We offer nightly and weekly activities as well as frequent group scenes and individual play.

We are currently looking for: Jake, Mike, Ryder, Kitty, Marley, Unique, Cooper, Sugar, Sebastian & the Warblers, Brody, Adam and a host of original characters too.

Interested? Check out prinfiggins for more details. We would love to have you.

Very wanted characters at f_rogers

Jeremy Gilbert
The Vampire Diaries

Wanted by Elena Gilbert

Damon Salvatore
The Vampire Diaries

Wanted by Elena Gilbert (for potential romantic line)

Severus Snape
Harry Potter

Wanted by Lily Evans, Regulus Black, Tracey Davis, Harry Potter

Lori Grimes
The Walking Dead

Wanted by Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, Maggie Greene, Glenn Rhee

Joshua Donovan
Warehouse 13

Wanted by Claudia
Donovan, H.G. Wells,
Myka Bering

Pepper Potts

Wanted by Tony Stark, Darcy Lewis, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff

James Kirk
Star Trek (reboot)

Wanted by Spock, Uhura, all the nerdy characters in the game

Star Trek (reboot)

Wanted by Spock, Uhura, all the nerdy characters in the game

Alexia Tarabotti
The Parasol Protectorate

Wanted by Genevieve Lefoux


For twenty-eight years, the sleepy town of Storybrooke, Maine, had never had any visitors. Within it, the residents all went about their business; never once noticing that time had been frozen still. That was until Emma Swan, a woman who had long stopped believing in fairytales and a happily ever after, arrived. Slowly, with her help, things began to change for the better. The clock, representing the town’s timelessness, began to move, and before too long, the curse was broken with a true love’s kiss. Awoken from their daze, those trapped in Storybrooke began trying to recover loved ones, finding their happily ever after once again.

But not all of them have good intentions. Among them are those who had ill wishes, wanting to take the happily ever afters from others, to achieve their own. Maybe this time everyone will achieve their happy endings, but can they? The choice is up to you.

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WMHIGH is desperately searching for: Joe Hart, Wade "Unique" Adams, Brody Weston, Dottie Kazatori, Artie Abrams, Mercedes Jones, Mike Chang,, Lauren Zizes, Harmony Pearce and The Warblers: Hunter, Thad, Flint & Wes. Also wanted are teachers/staff/adults: Will Schuester, Emma Pillsbury, Shelby Corcoran, Bieste, Sue Sylvester, Isabelle Wright, Cassandra July, Burt Hummel, Carole Hummel and LGBT characters: Chase Madison, Chandler Kiehl, David Karofsky, Eli C, Adam from NYADA and Jeremiah (Gap).

We also want original characters with the faces from any of Ryan Murphy's shows, Starkids or the Glee Project kids. Glee Project kids especially wanted are: Cameron Mitchell, Aylin Baramoglu, Michael Weisman, Marissa von Bleicken, Shanna Henderson, Nellie Veitenheimer, Emily Vasquez, Tyler Ford, Dani Shay, Charlie Lubeck, Abraham Lim & more.

We are a small role play community that has been going strong for a year. We are pseudo-canon which allows our writers total freedom over their characters while staying accurate to who the characters are. If you are interested in writing with active, dedicated, funny and friendly people who love Glee and converse on aim, comment, participate in group chats & activities, group threads and scene regularly - our game is the place for you!

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Winter is coming.
Don't forget your cloak.

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Accio Goblet! is a canon-compliant game that describes the events of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, from the Quidditch World Cup to the end of the school year. Our goal is to explore the events of the year Voldemort returned, through the eyes of those students who were older than the trio.

Most Wanted: Seventh years, Muggle-borns, Beauxbatons boys, Angelina Johnson, Roger Davies, Adrian Pucey, Kenneth Towler, Fred & George Weasley... and many more!


The Land of Make Believe via f_rogers is a panfandom game set in the mythical world of Imagination. Accepting most fandoms (author prohibiting aside,) The Land of Make Believe RPG would currently like to bolster their numbers of Slytherins from Harry Potter.

The Slytherins in play are in need of company. While there are alike personalities from other fandoms, more cunning and wit of the alumni status would be lovely. Any generation, or others not listed, would be wanted and welcome.

The game is open to new and old panfandom players alike, so long as there's a willingness to partake in interactive writing and have fun.



WMHIGH is a pseudo canon, Glee group psl desperately searching for: Finn Hudson, Artie Abrams, Joe Hart, Kitty, Wade "Unique" Adams, Brody Weston, Mercedes Jones, Dottie Kazatori, The Warblers: Hunter, Thad, Flint & Wes and Emma Pillsbury.

We also accept original characters with the faces of Glee Project kids, Spring Awakening cast & Starkids! Especially wanted are: Cameron Mitchell, Tyler Ford, Dani Shay(for a line with Santana) and Abraham Lim.

more info ♪♫ application ♪♫ wanted characters ♪♫ storyline community ♪♫ questions